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TSS has its own testing facility equipped with cutting-edge machines and tools, and qualified personnel.
Equipment testing is performed for each item purchased from a manufacturer in order to scrap items with manufacturing defects prior to goods picking.

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We at TSS understand the importance and significance of timely and efficient well construction works with further multistage hydraulic fracturing, this is why we ensure that all the equipment is tested before picking and delivery.

Equipment quality control decreases our internal costs incurred in case of package failure, but more importantly, it decreases the customer’s costs due to timely well construction in line with the schedule and commissioning of new wells with our equipment for multistage hydraulic fracturing.

Testing includes vibration tests, load tests, safe pressure (non-productive) tests and inspection of assembly operation. During testing, equipment undergoes several stages of visual inspection and diagnostics.

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TSS provides consulting, high quality servicing and technical support for all our products. We are open for mutually advantageous co-operation with all stakeholders, companies, and organizations and are committed to ensuring effective and productive partnerships.