Technical regulations

миниатюра зиписи

TSS supplies a complete list of applicable technical regulations for well casing and injection systems with multistage hydraulic fracturing.
Technical regulations provide unified mandatory requirements for equipment operation.

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Legacy GOSTs that have been used in Russia fail to meet current challenges, constantly increasing demands and new requirements. Therefore, technical regulations are suggested as the most suitable and reasonable substitute for the existing GOSTs.

According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Technical Regulation”, technical regulations (or, shortly, regulations) are a statutory document with mandatory requirements for items subject to technical regulation, namely, for operation, production, storage, sales and distribution, transportation, and disposal of various product categories.

However, a document with such requirement needs to undergo a specific approval procedure in order to be considered technical regulations. In Russia, such statutory document can be approved by federal laws, decree of the President, RF Government decree, or a ratified international treaty.

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