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Timely equipment delivery directly controlled by the engineer responsible for the package ensures safe package transportation to the installation site.
TSS has its own vehicles for transportation of personnel and equipment to sites. Our engineers are fully aware of clustered well site locations and have all the required permits for transportation to the site.

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At TSS, logistics covers not only equipment delivery to the customer, but the whole process of multistage hydraulic fracturing package selection, procurement, and transportation between storage locations.

We monitor demands and consult customers on the types of constructed wells in order to develop and procure the best equipment.

We are partners with the leading companies in the Russian market for transportation services, which helps us deliver goods from manufacturers to our regional warehouses in the shortest time possible. The complete range of our products can be ordered and delivered in the blink of an eye.

Our customers receive full information support for equipment logistics.

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TSS provides consulting, high quality servicing and technical support for all our products. We are open for mutually advantageous co-operation with all stakeholders, companies, and organizations and are committed to ensuring effective and productive partnerships.