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One of our key focus areas at TSS is providing customers with information on the market for well casing and injection equipment.
Nowadays, when progress and competition can easily change any company’s situation, awareness of the latest developments for equipment and technologies is of critical importance.

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By Information we mean ad-hoc distribution of data. This service is used to notify customers of the company’s events, and of the new technology implementations and equipment installations.

For Information, our call center establishes a database, develops call scripts and, if required, distributes quotations, invitations, price lists, etc., and forwards calls to the responsible company’s employees.

Our team ensures fast and effective distribution of the required information. This service is available for companies of any scale.

We offer information support for a wide range of equipment from hydromechanical to swelling packers, including packers for high temperature and high pressure applications.

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TSS provides consulting, high quality servicing and technical support for all our products. We are open for mutually advantageous co-operation with all stakeholders, companies, and organizations and are committed to ensuring effective and productive partnerships.